African Art

African art has continued to increase over the last decade and is changing the art market. The estimated price of an African painting is variable, depending on various elements known to our experts. We have a specialists that can help value, buy or sell these precious works.

American Art

From all time periods, we can help you with all Native American art to Americana and folk art. covering every aspect within the North American region.

Arms, Armour & Sporting Guns

Whatever your interest in weapons and sporting equipment, we can perform antique appraisals or help you grow or sell your collection. This includes antique firearms, bladed weapons, and any other military and sporting items.

Art & Collections Insurance Brokers

We have access to professionals that offer preferential insurance rates to ensure your art and collections are covered, giving you peace of mind.

Art Tax Specialists

We have experienced tax planning professionals ready to help with IHT and CGT planning or with family division (divorce, probate, raising funding, etc.).

Asian Art

Ancient to modern, we offer complete Asian art services covering all aspects of fine art from Turkey through Persia and India into the Far East.

Australian & Aboriginal Art

Australian and Aboriginal Art – ancient to modern.

Books, Manuscripts & Archives

We have a number of specialists that cater to rare books, manuscripts, children’s books, and more.

British & European Fine Art

We cover all British and European Fine Arts from ancient to modern.

Ceramics & Glass

From ancient to modern, we can help you with art glass, Tiffany
pottery, ceramics, decorative stoneware and more.

Clocks & Barometers

We can advise with all kinds of timepieces from watches, clocks, barometers and more from any period.

Collectables & Memorabilia

Your collectables are covered here with our specialists covering all manner of pop culture:
Action Figures
Animation Art
Celebrity Autographs
Celebrity, Entertainment & Music Memorabilia
European Comics
Home Entertainment
Movie Posters and Stills
Pin-up & Pulp
Popular Culture Memorabilia
Trading Card Games
VHS Tapes
Video Games
Vintage Comics
Vintage Guitars
Vintage Musical Instruments

Collection Management

We offer full collection oversight to ensure collections are cared for properly, and with the utmost care. We identify items requiring conservation, and organise appropriate conservators and restorers.

Contemporary Art

The term contemporary art refers to and extensive range of painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and video art produced today. Our contemporary specialists provide valuation and can also help you navigate buying and selling. We also support emerging artists by providing advice on entering the art market.

Furniture & Decorative Art

We can help you with ancient to modern furniture and decorative art from any region.

General Valuations

Valuations are sometimes needed to establish the true value of insured items or to gain a better understanding of the value of a collection. Our general valuers have many years of experience and formal training in a specialist’s area of expertise, and can offer an informed opinion on the value of many different objects.

Legal Industry Services

We offer bespoke valuation and consultancy services tailored to the legal industry.

Tribal Art

Tribal art from all regions including African to Oceanic.

Whisky & Spirits

Whisky, bourbon, and spirits from all regions.







Art Advisory Group brings together the most experienced and reputable independent specialists in art and alternative investments to guide you through this minefield and ensure that you make the very best investment decisions no matter what area of art and collectables is of interest to you.

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